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Printing Rubber Roll

Dampening Roller for RotaryOffset Newspaper Printing Machine


NCD-Ⅲ・Ⅳ Roller has been developed as a dampening roller for the rotary offset newspaper printing machine, having the bearing resistance to the plate edge and solving the frame dirt and having a performance to supply the appropriate dampening water with a highly water-retaining quality of the roller surface rubber layer. Also it can prevent the ageing change caused of the use of Eco-ink or soy-been ink.

  • ① Prevent the occurrence of plate edge scar to the dampening roller and solve the dirt problem upon the frame area of the page.
  • ② The swelling and extraction caused by the ink, dampening water and cleaner is small and can maintain the stable nipping width for a long time.
  • ③ Decrease the occurrence of hicky.
  • ④ Good at the water retaining function
  • Dampening Roller for the rotary newspaper printing machine
Hardness 45° 30°
Color Black Black