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Dust Removing Roll

MEITACK (Heat resistant & Adhesive)

MEIWA MEITACK is the bright-colored conductive adhesive roll made of the special synthetic rubbers having the excellent heat and weather resistance so that is the ideal adhesive roll to remove the static electricity and collect the dust at the same time.
In recent years, an highly-advanced no-dust condition is requested above all at the processing field for the PCB, liquid crystal, precision instruments, electronics and films. The use of MEITACK can secure the stability of quality further more.

Bright-colored conductive adhesive roll to collect microscopic dust effectively

  • ① It is an adhesive rubber roll can remove an static electricity, dust and dirt all together at the same time.
  • ② The adhesiveness can be kept longtime with a function of special polymer.
  • ③ Excellent with the heat and weather resistance. (110 in the high temperature)
  • ④ Dust and dirt collected on the roll surface can be easily washed off.
  • ⑤ Three types are prepared for each different adhesive force. (HH ,H ,L)
  • ⑥ Electric resistant value 10 is best as the removing efficiency of static-electricity.
Measurement Item HH H L
Hardness 23 25 30
Electrical resistivity 107
Adhesive force(g) 255 250 180
Color White Yellow Green
  • ※Data in the table are the strength to rewind a cellophane sheet, after winding the cellophane sheet on the φ50×50L MEITACK roll. (reference data)
Washing and Attention points
  • ①When the roll adhesiveness is reduced by the collection of dust and dirt, wash off the dust and dirt with the recovery cleaning solution i.e. the M Tuck Cleaner of Meiwa brand. (Paper or cloth rag is best to use)
  • ② Please be careful that the quality of roll may fail in some conditions if any other kind of solution (organic solvent) is used instead.
  • ③ Please wait to reuse at least 5 minutes after cleaning because it needs the quality recovering time after washing off with the M Tuck Cleaner.