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Printing Rubber Roll

Hicky Ghost Removing Roller


HICKY HUNTER is the dust removing roller in the particular roller vibrating system driven smoothly by the vibrating roller and is having a shape of W-structure on the surface implanted the fine and short fiber basing the material blended the synthetic rubber and particular rubber. It has an excellent efficiency accomplished with the self-technology of Meiwa

  • ① As it is effective for solving the dust and ghost problems, the quality-up can be made.
  • ② The nap soft surface layer is forming the W-structure shape upon the flexible synthetic rubber.
  • ③ Good at the ink-removal effect from the roller when cleaning for a color change.
  • ④ Set on the position for the usual rubber roller (1st ink forming roller) and much effective difference can be seen comparing to the usual roller with a combination of the W-structure and specific vibrating system.
  • ⑤ The useful life is much longer than the usual dust removing roller.
  • ⑥ The waste and useless matter can be reduced and bring cost down.
  • ① The contact pressure to the plate surface is recommended 20 to 40% tighter than setting for the usual rubber roller. For instance, in case the setting width is 5 mm for the usual rubber roller, set the width 6 to 7 mm for the hicky hunter.
  • ② In the same way, set tighter for the metal roller.
  • ③ As the surface of hicky hunter is in a fibriform state, the nipping width is recommended to be set as follows:
  • ④ Allow an enough ink flow when starting up to run.
  • ⑤ In case the good dust removing result cannot be seen, tighten more the contact pressure to the plate surface.
  • ⑥ Please be careful and do not tighten too much for the contact pressure to the plate surface that cannot clear the limit of dust removing effect and rather it may cause a damage to the plate surface or the roller itself.
  • ⑦ Think 10 mm is the maximum nipping width to the surface of hicky hunter.
Hardness 50±5°
Color Gray