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Printing Rubber Roll

Black Zest

Application Ink roll for sheet-feed printing process (for oil-based ink )
  • ① Swelling and extracting is low against chemical effect of ink and cleaning agent, and can maintain the stable nip width for a long time.
  • ② Rubber heat generation is low and keeping the nip width to be stable because it is very insignificant thermal expansion in the longtime running.
  • ③ Mechanical strength is high so the damage of forming and transferring rollers will hardly occur. ( Cracking or abrasion occurs rarely )
  • ④ Can use either aroma-free ink or soybean oil-based ink.
Hardness 25,30,35
Color Black

Ink resistant property

図 Experiment Method:Sink the test piece (25 x 25 x 2mm) in the soybean oil and measure at scheduled day.

Heat generation data

図 Experiment Method:Temperature indicates heat generated by our roller heat generation test machine.(Nip Width: 5mm / Roller Revolution: 3000rpm)