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Dust Removing Roll

Adhesive Dust Removal Roll Silicone series “S-TACK” / Special resin series “U-TACK”

■ Excellent adhesive performance can be used repeatedly by a simple cleaning.

It can remove dynamically the microscopic dust causing a bad influence over the production for the precision instruments, printing products and films and it can hold the dust tightly not to go off easily once adsorbed and it is possible to use longtime stably because the dust adsorbed can be washed off with water or solvent and the quality of adsorption can be recovered quickly.

■ Superior Softness Hardness (adhesive) degree can be chosen.

It can be produced in a most suitable adhesive degree to the base material by every 5 degree between 1 to 45 for U-TACK and 15 to 35 for S-TACK. Also it has the excellent flexible softness enabling an effective dust removal without damaging the base materials in contact.

■ Superior transfer-free characteristic Liquation is extremely low and clean.

U-TACK and S-TACK are together certified “Good” by the quality inspection for the Appliance and Container Packaging of the Food Sanitation Law.

Adhesive dust removal roll

  • ① Meiwa stands to start making the metal core of alminum,SUS,steel and other materials. Also Meiwa offer the service to replace the used roll.
  • ② The various forming processes are available for the uses with an external diameter honing finish to find a much higher accuracy other than the usual straight mold finish or with a groove cut, taper crownetc. for the use of special purpose.
  • ① Dust removal of PCB.
  • ② Dust removal of the cutting and winding process for the plastic filmsetc.
  • ③ Dust removal of the pre-laminating process.
  • ④ Pre-press process of the various printing machines.
  • ⑤ Care for dust removal of the precision instruments and electronics
  • ⑥ Other place where a highly controlled no-dust condition is necessary.
  • ⑦ The process before processing the photomechanical screen printing and card printing.
  • ⑧ The last process for the sheets of aluminum, stainless-steel and steel.
  • ⑨ Dust removal for the glass sheet and glass base plate in the clean room.
  • ⑩ Come-off of the protection film covering the surface of base plate.
  • ⑪ The process before printing the corrugated cardboard.
Specification U : Urethane Color : Clear, Green
Adhesiveness Strong Product Grade Hardness
♯101U 1°
♯105U 5°
♯110U 10°
♯115U 15°
♯120U 20°
♯125U 25°
♯130U 30°
♯135U 35°
♯140U 40°
Week ♯145U 45°
S : Silicone  Color : White, Blue
Adhesiveness Strong Product Grade Hardness
♯130S 15°
♯135S 20°
♯140S 25°
♯145S 30°
Week ♯150S 35°

※These data are for reference.

Washing and Attention points
  • ① When the roll adhesiveness is reduced by the collection of dust and dirt, wash off the dust and dirt with absorbent cotton, cloth or sponge wetted by water or organic solvent.
  • ② Adhesive force will be turn back after the evaporation of water or organic solvent. And then repetitive use is OK.
  • ③ Please select the type of solvent (acetone, toluene, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol, etc.) by yourself.
  • ④ By the case of solvent compatibility, swelling will be occurring. Please dry up the roll well.