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Printing Rubber Roll

Non alcohol dampening roller

MD series

MD-25 is the hydrophilic roller developed as a dampening roller to be used for the continuous dampening device. It is good at the hydrophilic performance of roller surface, and the dampening water-moving to the printing plate has been improved much stable than the usual rubber roller.

MD-25 is the dampening roller can perform a stable function especially for the non alcohol continuous dampening device and the alcohol-additive continuous dampening device as well.
  • ① As the hydrophilicity of roller surface is good, it is possible to supply uniformed thinner water membrane.
  • ② As the water adjustment limit is broadened, the dirt is hardly raised for the printing in a tightened water condition.
  • ③ As a following mobility to the speed change is excellent, the start-up of printing is stable.
  • ④ Indicating a good resistant effect to the ink, alcohol and H solution.
Hardness 25°~30°
Color Dark green


Aqua Philic can keep the long life efficiency of stable dampening force by leveling up the resistant effect for the H-Solution or alcohol, and at the same time by leveling up the hydrophilic efficiency particular to the usual dampening roller.

  • ① Can decrease the water volume by setting a contact angle smaller (hydrophilicity is up) to the dampening water. (possible to give the uniformed thinner water membrane)
  • ② Prevent the ageing change by leveling up the rubber resistant efficiency for the water and chemicals. (outside diameter, hardness and hydrophilic efficiency)
  • ③ The rubber crazing is hardly raised by leveling up anti-degradation effect of the rubber.
  • ④ As not to retain an extra volume of water especially, the water-contained ink membrane become hardly uneven over the surface of dampening roller in case used as a dampening roller.
  • Dampening rollers (metaling, fountain, dampening)
Hardness 25°
Color Violet