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Printing Rubber Roll

High-speed Rotary Printing MachineEnvironment-friendly Rubber Roller


BLACK-NEWS is the high-dimensional inking roller material can maintain a stable printing quality for a long time having the strong resistant force for wearing and plate edge scar, and reduce a burden of the operator such as nipping adjustment etc., and prevent to the minimum limit for the roller heat generation and ageing change along with the spread of high-speed machine installation and the aroma-free and soy-been ink uses. BLACK-NEWS-AQUA is the material given the efficiency required for the dampening roller based upon the BLACK-NEWS.

  • ① Useful without choosing not only a kind of inks such as usual or aroma-free ink or soy-been ink but also a kind of dampening water.
  • ② As the swelling and extracting caused of the ink and cleaner are small, the stable nipping width can be maintained for a long time.
  • ③ As the rubber heat generation is small and the roller heat-expansion is small under the continuous longtime machine-run, the nipping width can be protected from expanding.
  • ④ The machine strength is high and the plate edge scar and wearing of the ink form roller, and the fray and wearing of the distributing roller are hardly occurred.
Hardness 25°~30°
Color Black