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Company Information

Meiwa 5 Watchwords

① Let us establish know-how to master an advanced idea, new product, fresh technology and better management.

② Let us establish fruitful life, lofty savings of humanity, winning of reliance and contribution to the society.

③ Let us go ahead of changes not just run after.

④ Let us challenge a plan and aim to fulfill it without discouragement in neither difficult situations nor being prideful during favorable times.

⑤ Let us broaden our horizons and develop ourselves to be a more capable presence.

Quality Policy

① Proceeding with much communication with customers all over positively and clarify and realize the customers’ anticipation and request of requirements.

② Devoting each member of staff to refine knowledge and capability dynamically and perform full use for marketing the satisfactory products widely welcomed by customers.

③ Proceeding with onward improvement by establishing, operating and reviewing the quality management systems.

Environmental Policy

Basic Principle

Meiwa Rubber Co., Ltd. as an overall manufacturer of rubber rolls intends contribution to the society with unique product development highly evaluating the importance and restless protection of environment in consideration to reserve this nothing-replaceable global environment for all the successors of next generation.

Fundamental Policy

① Reducing the environmental load by save of energy and resources, and reserving of the green.

② Going ahead with environment protection not only by strictly observing the legal controls and agreements for the global environment protection but also setting the voluntary self-control standard

③ Scheduling both environment protection target and control objectives for the environmental influences brought from business operations as well as conducting periodical reviews for more improvement.

④ Circulating this environment policy to all staff members and proceeding with staff education and prevailing operations in order to persuade all staff members will be able to act with full of understandings.

⑤ Opening information of this environment policy to the society.

Meiwa Rubber Co., Ltd.

President EiichiroTsuboi