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Company Information


1946 Factory built at Nishi-Osaki, Shinagawa-ward,Tokyo
1955 Head office and factory transferred to Shimomaruko in Ota-ward of Tokyo.
1967 Opening of Osaka Branch Office.
Development,manufacture and sale of rubber plates for flexo graphic printing.
1970 Development of solvent-resistant coater rolls, silicone rolls for plastic film processing and dust-removing rolls for printing purposes.
1973 Development of fluoro rubber rolls and super acid-resistant rolls for steel plate processing.
1975 New factory built in Maebashi.
1976 Development of water supply rolls for printing and paper production.
1980 Development of special solvent-resistant urethane rolls “MEIWA-SUMMIT”.
1983 Opening of the Overseas Business Division.
Development of specific printing resin roll “MEIWA-BRUSTER”, damping roll, specific adhesive roll “BETARON”.
1985 Release of MC plates on the basis of a joint research project conducted with Dupont in the United States.
1988 Introduction of the most advanced plasma spraying equipment and development of ceramic coating rolls. Start of their production and sales.
1990 Development and sale of “UV SUMMIT” as countermeasures against UV ink.
1991 Acquisition of exclusive rights to the execution of patent to the Ceramic corona discharge processing rolls “Cerasil” from the US company “Pamarco”, start of the irexclusive manufacture and sales.
1992 Start of sale of CFRP(carbon fiber) rolls.
1997 Development of excellent release and high resistance of abration silicone roll “SILIC-Z”
2003 Acquisition of ISO9001. Oscillation rollers (Patent Applied)
2005 Acquisition the patent, conductive and adhesive roll “MEITACK”.
2006 White conductive Rubber Roll “HIPER ELECON” (Patent Applied)
Development of white conductive roll “WHITE ELECON” and colored conductive roll “SOFTER ELECON”.
2008 Development of Composite Helical Roll.
2009 Development of Miller like roll “SILIC-M”and dampning roll“AQUA FILLICK”. “UE TACK”on sale.
2012 Relocation and expansion of Osaka Factory and Osaka Branch Office, establishment of Kyoto Technical Center.
2013 Installed solar panels at Maebashi factory. Developed Micro grooved roller for film wrinkle control.
2015 Development of coater rolls for Print Wired Board.
“CHR”(Patent Acquisition)
2016 Establishment of PMC Co.,Ltd.
2017 Opening of Tokyo Technical Center.