Industrial Rubber Roll


The use of industrial rolls is diversified in various phases of the productions lines of film, paper, plywood, and sheet steel. Make up a face of films by nipping the melted rasin between the surface honed rubber roll and the metal-plated roll at the film manufacturing line. Scores of rolls are used very actively in one large manufacturing line to stretch the film thinner even after the film become a shape of thin belt and stick the film to film together on the impression cylinder or make a corona surface process or coat with chemicals with the coater roll or convey with the guide roll or wind with the pinching roll. Selection of the appropriate rubber material is necessary to match the requested rubber characteristics. Meiwa produces rubber rolls made of various materials, such as silicone for the nipping roll, NBR rubber, EPT rubber, butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, fluro rubber, etc. We test for a solution to a problem by theorizing the phenomenon of making wrinkles while the films are running. Taking the research results in this area, Meiwa creates technological innovation.

□Paper making, plywood,steel sheet and general items

Rubber rolls are used widely not only to convey with the guide roll and further to make the paint coating with the oater roll and in the various other processings with the linger roll at the production lines of paper, plywood, steel sheet.The mechanical characteristic and durability of materials are required for subtle efficiency of surface characteristics for the requested guide and coater rolls.In order to achieve these characteristics, Meiwa designs original rubber compounds and Meiwa is determined to make further improvements for the molding and grinding technology.