Dust Removing Roll

The manufacturing situation is very diversified with anti-dust/dirt measures to produce the various functional films begins with the optical film, and process the precision electronic instruments such as the liquid-crystal plate, printed circuit board and the food packages. Meiwa produces the various dust removing rolls for removing the microscopical dust and dirt raised at the production lines.  Meiwa has a line-up of the various rubber rolls to satisfy the customer’s needs ranged from a type of roll removes dust with the adhesive surface (tuck) to a type of roll adsorbs dust with the electrostatic force.

Usage Product Name Features and Functions
AdhesiveHicky Roll BETARON
Totally newhicky roll made of specific chemical resin.
Hicky roll for micro dust
Bright color conductive adhesion Roll MEITACK
available under max.100℃
made ofspecific synthetic rubber
heat resistance and weather resistance
Ideal adhesion roll with dust removing and static-electricity removing.
non bleed type
Silicone-based Hicky Roll SILLIC SWEEPER
No adherenthicky roll made from specific silicone rubber
Adhesivehickyroll made from silicone rubber
Organic resin-based Hicky Roll UE TACK
No adherenthicky roll made from specific organic resin
Non bleed type
Adhesivehickyroll made from specific organic resin