CFRP Light-weight Roll

CFRP is the material produced from solidifying by a heat up process after infiltrating the heat solid resin in the cloth woven with the super-solid carbon fiber so-called much lighter and stronger than the iron.  CFRP is contributing to the efficiency of more light-weight and fuel saving as used to the frames of airplane plus the practical results of the space shuttle and sport cars.Applying this material to the roll shaft, Meiwa presents a super light-weight carbon roll of which the distortion is minimum and the roll accuracy is much better for the circular and cylindrical accuracy comparing to the usual metal roll.

Meiwa produces a super light-weight carbon roll of which the roll accuracy is much better compering to the usual metallic rolls for the cirecular and cylindrical accuracy as well as a minimum volume of distortion based on a pipe of composite material made from the cloth of super solid carbon fiber which is infiltrated and solidified with the heat solid resin.


Effect of Super light-weight
●It is easy to remove and restore when replacing the roll.
●It can improve the endurance for the relating parts such as the bearing motor.
Super low inertial power
●More high speed machine-run in the operations of production line can be realized.
●Saving of energy consumption is possible.
Effect of Super solid
●Roll distortion is minimum and a roll accuracy can be maintained longtime.
●The realization for the safety high speed operations of production line is possible.
●It can solve the wrinkle problem of the film and paper manufacturing line.
Corrosion resistance
This roll can be used under the severe environment with the strong resistance for chemicals, acids and alkalis.
Freely desighing and efficient processing
●It is possible to make a design adjustable for the needs.
●Design of strength and process of each surface (Plating and Metalizing)


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